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Veteran Support

Do you or your loved one qualify?

Veteran Support

You may qualify for assistance to help cover the costs of assisted living

If you are a United States veteran, a surviving spouse of a veteran, or a widowed spouse of a veteran you may qualify for the Aid & Attendance Program and receive monthly benefits to help cover the costs of assisted living care. This benefit is not dependent upon service-related injuries for compensation. It allows for Veterans and surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in day-to-day activities to receive additional monetary compensation and care. This is a tax-free benefit that most veterans needing assistance qualify for.

What is Aid & Attendance

Benefits for veterans, surviving spouses, or widowed spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication monitoring or other various activities of daily living.

This benefit is available to individuals who reside in assisted living communities. You DO NOT have to require assistance with all of these. There simply needs to be adequate medical evidence that you cannot function completely on your own.

Liberty Park is proud to be an American Company supporting American Veterans

The benefits of Aid & Attendance

Veteran Family Status
Basic Pension Benefits
Housebound Benefits
Aid & Attendance Benefits

Veteran with No Dependents

Basic Pension Benefits:$12,868
Housebound Benefits:$15,725
Aid & Attendance Benefits:$21,446

Veteran with a Spouse or Child

Basic Pension Benefits:$16,851
Housebound Benefits:$19,710
Aid & Attendance Benefits:$25,448

Surviving Spouse / Death Pension

Basic Pension Benefits:$8,630
Housebound Benefits:$10,548
Aid & Attendance Benefits:$13,794
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Who is Eligible?

Any War Veteran with 90 days of active duty with at least one day during active War time.

A surviving or widowed spouse of a War Veteran may be eligible if married at the time of death. The individual must qualify both medically and financially. Assets cannot exceed $80K; however, many things including home, vehicle, annuities, prepaid funeral expenses and many other are not included in the number.

Active Duty War Eligible Dates:

  • 05/09/1916 – 11/11/1918

  • 12/07/1941 – 12/31/1946

  • 06/27/1950 – 01/31/1955

  • 02/28/1961 – 08/05/1964
    *if you were serving within the country of Vietnam only

  • 08/05/1964 – 05/07/1975

  • 08/20/1990 – Present

How quickly will I receive benefits?

This is determined by the accuracy of the initial application.

The average process takes around 6 months. However, the VA does pay retroactively from the date of application. The resident is paid directly from the VA. Liberty Park Senior Living can help you learn more about the Aid & Attendance Program. In addition, we work with a local Veterans Service Officer, who can help families of eligible veterans and surviving spouses apply for benefits from The Department of Veteran Affairs.

Liberty Park is here to help Veterans receive their benefits